Little Sisters of Poor Win Big at Supreme Court, but Fight Isn’t Over

Jul 9, 2020 by

by Zack Smith, The Daily Signal:

Why are some in the government so determined to force a group of Catholic nuns to violate their beliefs?

That’s a question we all should be asking as we celebrate Wednesday’s Supreme Court victory for the Little Sisters. Regrettably, Wednesday’s victory is unlikely to be the end of the government harassment of the nuns.

The Little Sisters of the Poor—a religious organization run by an order of Catholic nuns dedicated to serving the sick and elderly—have spent nearly a decade locked in a battle for religious liberty.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday handed down a victory for the Little Sisters by holding that the Trump administration had the authority to exempt them and similar organizations from the Department of Health and Human Services mandate requiring them to provide contraceptive coverage to employees, and that it did so in a proper manner.

Unfortunately for the nuns, this victory might not mean the end of their legal battles. The case is likely to come before the Supreme Court again.

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