Long Bailey, abortion and the hopelessly out-of-touch Telegraph

Jan 20, 2020 by

by Kathy Gyngell, TCW:

THERE’S nothing that wasn’t entirely predictable about the outrage train that followed Rebecca Long Bailey’s timidly expressed responses to the question of abortion on the grounds of disability once they’d been dug up and aired (and from which as a result she appears to have rowed back).

That’s except for the Daily Telegraph’s headline ‘Rebecca Long-Bailey’s toxic views on abortion matter for all women’. 

Yes, you expect fanatical feminists like Sophie Walker of the Women’s Equality Party to be first out of the gates with their Red Roar stunt.

You expect Leftie honorary feminist ‘progressives’ such as Oliver Kamm to be giving forth their intolerant and dictatorial views in outlets like the Huffington Post:

You expect Long Bailey’s Labour leadership rivals to weigh in with their hyperbolic responses, and to find Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy leading the pack.

We have come to accept this sort of aggressive disrespect for faith and matters of conscience; that no other view than their own radical feminist position on abortion is permissible. Unless of course it can be conveniently bypassed under that multicultural holdall that presumably Keir Starmer favours, which was suggested by his decision not to prosecute gender-based abortion when he could.  

But what you don’t expect is for the Telegraph blindly to follow their lead or to write a headline which calls Long Bailey’s views ‘toxic’, thereby condoning this smear. But they did. ‘How dare they’, my TCW colleague Caroline ffiske emailed me. How dare they indeed? Awful, Laura Perrins responded, how far the Telegraph has fallen. There is, she tweeted, nothing toxic about the sanctity of life, or that beloved disabled children have a right to life. There is plenty that is toxic about killing them in the womb.

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