Loving light exposes abortion’s darkness

Oct 8, 2018 by

By Andrew Harrod, Juicy Ecumenism.

[…] Annette Lancaster joined a panel hosted by And Then There Were None (ATTWN), an organization founded by the ex-PP clinic director Abby Johnson to help other abortion workers leave the industry.  ATTWN’s Meagan Weber noted that Johnson had “recognized that abortion workers are the missing puzzle piece in the pro-life movement.”  Therefore, she started ATTWN to “help facilitate their conversion and get them into hope and healing in Christ.”

Weber noted how difficult walking away from the culture of death could be:

“Working in the abortion industry is very much like a cult mentality at times, and leaving it is not like quitting your job at Walmart or McDonalds.  You literally walk away from everything you believed; you walk away from your support system, and you feel very alone.”

Former PP HIV health educator Monica Leal Cline analyzed this cult’s shocking moral depravity, which seeks to entrap as many people as possible in an abortion “business plan or a sales plan.”

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