‘Loving people is allowing them to have these conversations’

Nov 2, 2021 by

from Christian Concern:

The government has now released its consultation on banning so-called ‘conversion therapy’. Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, spoke to LBC Radio about the possible ban.

Tim cited the evidence that banning these talking therapies would be harmful: “The best study is by Jones and Yarhouse, who did a thorough study of people who’d gone through therapy like this, and over two thirds of participants reported that they had seen a positive, desired change from it. The study also found that there was no evidence that reparative therapy caused harm, but on the contrary, there was evidence that it benefitted the participants, lessening their distress.”

“Should the state ever ban a private, consensual conversation,” Tim asked. “Surely that’s extremely totalitarian. … Loving people is allowing them to have conversation.”

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