Man gives birth: Yesterday’s joke becomes today’s grim reality

Aug 1, 2018 by

by Andrew Devine, The Conservative Woman:

There is a scene in Monty Python’s iconic film The Life of Brian in which Stan, a member of the People’s Front of Judea, expresses to his comrades his desire to become a woman and have babies. John Cleese’s character hilariously points to the lunacy of indulging Stan in the delusion that he will ever be able to give birth to a child.

Now, while many of us still find humour in the notion that a man can give birth, if Stan were alive today he would more than likely be a senior policy adviser to a western governments on transgender issues. He, or she, or whatever invented pronoun of the week by which Stan would demand we refer to him for fear of losing our livelihoods, would be at the forefront of defending the NHS’s provision of puberty-blocking medication to children as young as ten, many of whom, as research has shown, would have desisted from having gender dysphoria before they were adults and without being pumped full of unnecessary chemicals.

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