Man who gave birth loses anonymity in his bid to be registered as father on birth certificate

Jul 19, 2019 by

from Sky News:

Freddy McConnell, who was legally registered as male at the time of the birth, does not want to be recorded as the child’s mother.

A parent thought to be the first transgender man seeking to be named as father rather than mother on his child’s birth certificate has lost his bid to keep his identity secret.

Following an appeal from a number of national newspaper editors, Freddy McConnell’s anonymity in his legal case has been lifted.

Mr McConnell, 32, a multimedia journalist who works for The Guardian, won anonymity last year during a preliminary hearing.

However, the editors’ lawyers argued Mr McConnell’s decision to feature in a documentary film called Seahorse and Guardian newspaper article about his life and journey to parenthood was “self-generated publicity” and therefore other journalists should also be allowed to name Mr McConnell in reports of the litigation.

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