Marriage, not divorce, is the way forward

Sep 10, 2018 by

by Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman:

In the first major change to UK marriage laws for 50 years, Justice Secretary David Gauke has announced that couples will be allowed no-fault divorces.

This follows the Supreme Court ruling in the Tini Owens case, in which Mrs Owens was denied a divorce because she had failed to prove that her marriage had broken down. Despite the fact that she had had an affair, her 80-year-old husband of 40 years refuses to agree to a divorce, so she will have to wait until they have lived apart for five years. Mrs Owens, 68, described her marriage as ‘loveless and desperately unhappy’.

The court told the Government to address the matter, with no reference to the democratic process, and although Mr Gauke ‘will announce a consultation on the matter as the first stage in the process of passing reforming legislation’, like most other ‘consultations’ it will merely provide a fig leaf for what the progressive classes already wish to do. The outcome is a foregone conclusion, since the question being asked is not whether the thing should be done, but the best way to do it.

Rather than benefiting couples, the measure will ‘benefit’ only one – the one who wants a divorce for no other reason than that he or she wants it. A contract for two, dissolved by one party, is an interesting concept, but we should not expect it to be introduced into the realm of commerce any time soon. The happiness of children is dispensable but, as usual, material goods are sacrosanct.

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