May must stand by Scruton against the regressive Left

Nov 8, 2018 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman:

Sir Roger Scruton, philosopher, professor, aesthete, lover of England and her traditions, fox hunter and church organist, is also that rare thing: a thinking conservative.

His erudite essays and more than fifty books are a treasure trove for any who are interested in the defence of Western culture. Unfortunately, he belongs to a party which has never been big on thinking or principle.

Sir Roger is of no doubt that the nation-state is a Christian, European construct that made Europe the cultural leader and bastion of freedom which it was and which the progressives wish to bring down. ‘It is the long centuries of Christian dominance in Europe which laid the foundations of national loyalty, as a loyalty above those of faith and family, and on which a secular jurisdiction and an order of citizenship can be founded.’

For Sir Roger, this explains why a country such as Pakistan is a ‘failure’. He writes: ‘The same is true of many other countries in which Islam is the dominant faith. Even if such countries do function as states, like Pakistan, they are often failures as nations.’

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