Met Police confirm that criticism of Islam constitutes ‘Islamophobia’

Jun 5, 2018 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

The Metropolitan Police Service report ‘Hate Crimes against London’s Muslim Communities‘ was published five years ago, and it outlines the everyday nature of Islamophobic incidents:

The Islamophobic incidents reported to and recorded by the Metropolitan Police Service generally occur as victims go about their daily lives, for example, in the street, in or near shops and restaurants or waiting for or on public transport. They are more likely to involve threats and harassment than violence, although one in five incidents involved some degree of violence directed at the victim. The incidents generally involve conflict situations that become aggravated by Islamophobic or anti-Muslim words or actions or situations where perpetrators take immediate advantage of an opportunity that presents itself. Even incidents that show some degree of premeditation by the offender mostly involve letters or phone messages rather than direct contact with the victim.

We can all agree that such incidents are abhorrent: anyone who threatens or harasses a Muslim simply for being a Muslim is not merely moronic, but barbarous and wicked. Whatever our neighbour’s religion or belief, we are commanded to love them and live at peace with them, for therein lies the essence of Christian civilisation. The New Testament is the bedrock of our social contract: the teachings of Jesus – such as the Parable of the Good Samaritan– are the guiding lights for our notion of Human Rights. If it were not for the Bible and the themes of Christian theology which permeate Western politics, our whole way of life would be bound by ignorance, barbarism and superstition. The Church may not have always got it right (and may, indeed, have occasionally oppressed the rational, corrupted the truth, and quashed justice), but out of the dark ages came reformation, renaissance and enlightenment, and we can thank God (and Jesus) that Christian men and women of genius have led us to a better age of higher virtue. The vision of Christendom still persists in Western civilisation: it is our surpassing quality and sanctity; our superior morality and culture…


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