Mike Davidson speaks to BBC Three’s ‘Queer Britain’ about unwanted same sex attraction

May 13, 2017 by

from Christian Concern website.

BBC Three’s new series, Queer Britain, presented by YouTuber and journalist Riyadh Khalaf started yesterday on BBC Three’s iPlayer and YouTube channels. Five more Episodes are to follow, weekly, each of which “aims to get under the skin of queer culture and shine a light on the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community” […]

[…] Riyadh Khalaf is horrified that people make momentous life-affecting decisions based on “a Book” and by that he lumps both the Bible and Koran together in an attempted critique of what some might call the ‘received narrative’ – the view that some human beings simply obey a book of rules, uncritically. I can’t speak for the Muslim clients I work with, but I do think it’s worth focusing on this view of scripture briefly, from a Christian perspective, since that’s the worldview I work in and experience as the primary framework for the values of my work. I find the Bible a trustworthy tradition. At least Riyadh agrees that it’s clear in its teaching: homosexual practice is sin. What he seems determined to hold onto is that ‘homosexuality’ as a category of being human, is a real entity that is unchangeable.

There is a common theme that those who oppose the kind of work I do don’t seem willing to recognise. This is the view that self-realisation towards the ‘LGBTQ+’ (or ‘Queer’) identity should be encouraged, but the ‘de-queering’ drive is at all costs to be discouraged.

Read more here, and see video of Mike talking to Riyadh Khalaf.

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