Millennials think marriage should be treated like mobile phone contract – shock poll

Oct 22, 2018 by

by David Maddox, Daily Express:

MARRIAGE should be treated like a mobile phone contract and have a renewal date, a quarter of the under-25s in a poll believe. A new ComRes poll for the Coalition for Marriage has revealed that traditional views of marriage are dying out among young people.

According to the poll 24 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds think there should be temporary marriage contracts similar to the ones handed out by mobile phone providers.

A third of the age group also backed polygamy – being married to more than one person at once – while 30 per cent support “fluid arrangements” where people can easily move between different partners.

More disturbingly 13 per cent backed incest being brought into the legal definition of marriage.

Tory MP David Davies, who has previously campaigned on strengthening support for marriage in the tax system, said: “Lots of 18-year-olds may think polygamy seems an attractive idea and I’m certainly not going to comment on how I felt when I was 18.

“But as people get older and more mature they realise that marriage is not something to be treated like a mobile phone contract and leave some of these strange ideas behind them in the night clubs.”

Colin Hart, the chairman of the Coalition for Marriage, described the poll as “deeply worrying” and “a wake up call” to ministers who claim to support marriage while doing little to support the institution.

He said: “This is a deeply worrying poll that demonstrates a shift in attitude away from supporting traditional marriage and the concept of a lifelong commitment towards your wife or husband.

“It shows that despite all the rhetoric from the Government about the importance of marriage, they are failing to get this message through.

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