Moment and Prayer

Jun 8, 2020 by

From Gafcon:

[Pray for the Gafcon Primates’ Council meeting now; build the movement by sharing updates.]


Gafcon is led by a Council of 11 Primates. The Chairman is Archbishop Foley Beach, (Primate of the Anglican Church in North America) and the General Secretary is Archbishop Ben Kwashi. The Gafcon Primates have online meetings scheduled for June 8, 9, 10.


There are logistic challenges involved in these meetings. The international time range is very difficult. For example, a meeting at 6.00am in the morning in the US would be 11.00pm at night in New Zealand. Also, access to fast wifi will be variable. Please pray that the meetings will go ahead smoothly and effectively without technical distractions and difficulties. Pray for good sound quality; for the meetings to be effective and productive; for each Primate to be able to contribute effectively to the discussion; for good fellowship.

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