Moment police ‘with no search warrant’ swooped on house of gender-critical Catholic mother and arrested her in front of her four children over ‘series of anonymous posts on internet chat board’

Oct 5, 2022 by

By Alastair Lockhart, Jacob Thorburn and Jamie Phillips, Mailonline:

This is the moment a gender-critical Catholic mother was arrested in her home in front of her children and body searched after police swooped on her house over series of ‘malicious’ online posts.

Caroline Farrow, a vicar’s wife and mother-of-five, shared a lengthy thread on Twitter detailing her experience with Surrey Police after two police officers reportedly ‘forced’ their way into her home to arrest her on Monday night.

While in the middle of preparing a roast dinner for her priest husband Robin and five children on Sunday, two police officers are said to have demanded she join them for an interview under caution.

She said when she askedĀ ‘do you have a warrant’, Ms Farrow claimed they replied ‘We don’t need one’.

Photographs show one officer appearing to put his hand on the front door to stop her from closing it, and another shows her being searched outside.

The row stems from a series of anonymous posts shared on forums on website Kiwi Farms in June. Mrs Farrow is accused of posting ‘malicious’ content and ‘harassing’ other users on the online platform.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said officers attended the address in Guildford as part of a probe into ‘allegations of malicious communications and harassment’ , adding that officers ‘seized a number of electronic devices’.

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector David Bentley said the devices had been seized as police continue to ‘gather further evidence and carry out an investigation to prove or disprove the allegation’.

Mrs Farrow has strenuously denied the accusations, explaining instead that she was playing the organ during Mass at the Holy Angels Church, Aldershot during the times the posts were made.

She was previously the subject of a five-month police investigation in 2019 – after she was accused of calling a transgender woman a ‘he’ on Twitter.

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