Moral change: effect on young people

Sep 11, 2018 by

“Speak up for the nation’s young”: Voice for Justice Statement and Petition


Self harming and links to unstable families

Quarter of girls have self harmed, report finds, by Sarah Marsh, Guardian

Mummy’s boys, Daddy’s girls, by Harry Benson, The Marriage Foundation

Fixing the teenage mental health crisis means helping marriages to work, from Coalition for Marriage


Government plans to make relationship breakdown even easier

Divorce rates will soar with the introduction of ‘no-fault’ separations, from Coalition for Marriage

Marriage, not divorce, is the way forward, by Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman

If you want cohabitation rights, get married, by Harry Benson, The Conservative Woman


The sexual revolution and the sexualisation of young people

“13 year olds can have sex if they want”, NHS and Scot govt resource says, from Christian Institute

Erotic love and the totalitarian state, by Nicholas Zinos, The Imaginative Conservative

France passes law saying children can consent to sex with adults, by Edward Morgan, Prepare for Change [followed by Editor’s interpretation]

Record demand for sexual health services amid spending cuts, from BBC News



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