More girls sacrificed to political correctness

Jan 17, 2020 by

by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern:

I wrote in 2018 about the industrial scale grooming scandal and how girls are being sacrificed to political correctness. Yet more evidence of how political correctness is resulting in thousands of girls being systematically abused emerged this week with the publication of a report about child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester.

Police failures

The report was commissioned in 2017 by the mayor of Greater Manchester following the airing of a BBC documentary, The Betrayed Girls, about child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester. The report documents repeated failures by the police and others to address child sexual exploitation which they were clearly aware of.

Young girls can’t ‘provide sexual favours’

The report focuses on the death of Victoria Agogloa who died aged 15 in 2003 after being injected with a heroin overdose by a 50-year-old man. Victoria was in care and was repeatedly threatened, assaulted, and sexually exploited, with several pregnancy scares. Victoria informed authorities that she was involved in sexual exploitation and that she was being injected with heroin by an older man. In spite of this, a man who had been previously identified as her ‘pimp’ was allowed to visit her in her care accommodation three times a week. The coroner’s verdict recognised multiple concerns, including sexual exploitation and sexual assault, but shockingly described Victoria as having a propensity “to provide sexual favours.” There is no recognition here that in law a young girl (aged 13, 14, 15) cannot legally provide sexual favours. If older men are engaging in sexual activity with her then it is rape or sexual assault.

Dozens of perpetrators and victims

The police launched an investigation, Operation Augusta, in 2004 to tackle child sexual exploitation. It found that “in the region of 97 persons” were identified as being involved in some way with sexual exploitation of at least 57 victims who are described as “young white females.” The perpetrators are identified as “predominantly Asian” men largely working in the ‘Asian restaurant trade’.

Shocking conclusions

The key conclusions are shocking:

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