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Statement from Archbishop of Canterbury following letter from historians regarding the Bishop George Bell case

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Archbishop of Canterbury says George Bell’s accuser is as important as late bishop’s reputation by James Macintyre, CT

Bishop Bell’s accuser cannot be overlooked, says Welby, Church Times

Bleating bishopesses and the dirty tricks that failed to silence ‘Rebel Priest’ by David Virtue, VOL

Welby under pressure as General Synod members asked to back motion of ‘regret’ over Bishop George Bell case by Harry Farley, CT

Did Lambeth Palace know the ‘fresh information’ about Bishop George Bell before Lord Carlile published his report? by Martin Sewell, from Archbishop Cranmer

New ‘information’ about George Bell. A Coincidence Theorist Writes by Peter Hitchens, Mailonline

UK: Bishops try to blow up bridge, as George Bell Conference tries to build bridge by David Virtue, VOL

The police should have no truck with the Church’s hounding of Bishop Bell, Telegraph

Lord Carlile denounces ‘foolish’ Church of England for casting further doubt on the name of Bishop George Bell by Archbishop Cranmer

Bishop Bell, the ‘Rebel Priest’ and a catalogue of lies by David Virtue

George Bell, Justin Welby and the perils of navigating a binary argument by James Macintyre, Christian Today

Lord Carlile slams ‘unwise and foolish’ Church of England statement on Bishop George Bell by James Macintyre, Christian Today

New investigation into late Bishop George Bell as CofE says it has received ‘fresh information’ by James Macintyre, Christian Today

Justin Welby is in a corner over the case of George Bell by Charles Moore, Spectator

Deluded beyond belief – why Welby can’t say sorry over Bishop Bell by Jules Gomes, The Conservative Woman

Saint, Tarnished, Church Times

Justin Welby under fire over refusal to say sorry over ‘trashing’ of Bishop George Bell’s name by Robert Mendick, Telegraph

The George Bell saga evidences a CofE legal culture which is not merely incompetent, but predisposed toward deception and injustice by Martin Sewell, Archbishop Cranmer

Anglican Unscripted – Jordan Peterson, Cathy Newman & Justin Welby

Lords criticise Church’s handling of George Bell case as Bishop of Peterborough calls for ‘a major review of anonymity’ by Olivia Rudgard, Telegraph

Welby’s Will-To-Power:   Pride & Ego- Sanity & Sanctity, in the Saga of George Bell. by Gavin Ashenden

Bishop of Peterborough breaks ranks over Church’s handling of George Bell case by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Justin Welby has staked his reputation and legacy on the maintenance of a profound injustice to Bishop George Bell by Archbishop Cranmer.  Also, from last December, The year is 2067, and long-dead archbishop Justin Welby is accused of child abuse…

Achbishop of Canterbury stands by statement saying there is a ‘significant cloud’ over Bishop George Bell’s name by James Macintyre, Christian Today

Archbishop’s claims against Bishop George Bell ‘irresponsible and dangerous’ by Hayley Dixon, Telegraph

Why the Church insisted on transparency with the George Bell case by Bishop Peter Hancock, CT

Carlile Report: Bishop George Bell has been traduced, and the blame lies squarely with Church House and Lambeth Palace by Martin Sewell, Cranmer


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