Muggeridge On the Decline of Civilisations

Jul 20, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Prophetic insights from Muggeridge on the decay of cultures:

When I penned a brief biographical piece on the great Malcolm Muggeridge two days ago, I did not envisage it turning into a trilogy. But yesterday I wrote about his views on suffering. I mentioned that this was one of several clear themes found in his writings. Another was that of civilisational decline. That second article is found here:

So I might as well now finish this impromptu series by looking at that other theme. From early on Muggeridge was an outsider, a non-conformist, a critic, and a sceptic. Although at first he was a devotee of his father’s socialism, and he gladly embraced the Russian Revolution, he soon enough outgrew his gullibility and naivety.

Communism, like Nazism, was a monstrous, unredeemable evil. His time in the Soviet Union in the early 30s where he saw for himself the bitter fruit of Stalin’s policies resulting in the intentional death of some 10 million people quickly dispelled any notions of heaven coming to earth via man-made Marxist utopias.

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