Mum and dad lite: parenting without sex, romance, co-habitation or marriage

Mar 28, 2021 by

by Michael Cook, Bio Edge:

Amongst the myriad new family forms springing up as traditional marriage loses popularity is platonic co-parenting. This is not co-parenting after divorce, with all of its acrimony and competition for a child’s affection. Instead this involves two strangers making plans to conceive children (naturally or artificially) and taking joint responsibility for raising them — but without marriage or living together.

According to Susan Golombok, director of the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Family Research and author of We Are Family, a book examining novel family structures, this is a “new phenomenon picking up speed”.

Of which one straw in the wind is a new reality TV show on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, “Strangers Making Babies”. In Episode 1, which screened earlier this week, “A group of single, would-be parents look for a platonic partner to have a baby with, without the complication of finding love first”.

The Daily Mail admits that this sounds “bonkers” but it does reflect a growing trend:

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