Muslim rape gangs and the inconvenient truth

Jun 6, 2018 by

by Niall McCrae and Karen Harradine, Rebel Priest blog:

Halifax, Oxford, Rochdale, Bristol, Telford, Rotherham, Peterborough, Derby, Aylesbury, Newcastle. These are some of the hometowns of girls and women forever traumatised by their shocking childhood experiences at the hands of Muslim ‘grooming gangs’.

The perpetrators of these gangs are not groomers. This is a misnomer. As Jules Gomes wrote, this is ‘rape of the innocents on an industrial scale’. These are rapists and some are paedophiles. And instead of helping these girls our authorities have failed them over and over again. The police, Crown Prosecution Service and social workers have shied from doing their duty, partly due to fears of being accused of racism, and partly due to their own inverse racism in perceiving the girls as ‘white trash’. The fear of naming the religion of the perpetrators of these rape gangs has overcome any sense of accountability and decency towards the victims.

Any member of the public who makes too much fuss about the perpetrators, mostly Muslim men of Pakistani origin, risks arrest. As is well known, a man is in jail in Hull for his relentless pursuit of the truth on a scandal that the establishment desperately wants to suppress.

It is essential to acknowledge that the majority of the Muslim community have nothing to do with these grim antics. Stereotyping and demonising an entire group of people based on their common religion is divisive, wrong and detracts from the argument. There is a world of difference between some Muslim academics teaching at British universities and fundamentalist Imams from remote areas of Pakistan preaching in mosques in Bradford.

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