Myanmar nun offers her life to protect protesting civilians

Mar 7, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

Unarmed civilians are being arrested, tortured, or summarily shot and killed. Children are being slapped, teenagers beaten with batons, and the elderly maimed with rubber bullets. People have become police punch-bags, kicked into lifelessness. A mother weeps over her son, who has a hole in his head. A father sits and stares at the body of his only daughter. And the children scream, “When will mummy and daddy be back?” But they won’t be coming back. They’re lying in the gutter, their corpses infested with flies.

How long, O Lord? How Long?

“Please kill me. I don’t want to see people being killed,” cried Sister Ann Roza, as she knelt before the police, pleading with them to show mercy. She was prepared to die; to sacrifice her life so that others may live. She explained:

On Sunday, I was at the clinic. I was giving treatment on that day as the other clinics were closed. I saw groups of people marching by. They were protesting. Suddenly I saw police, military and water cannon following the protesters. Then they opened fire and started beating the protesters. I was shocked and I thought today is the day I will die. I decided to die.

I was asking and begging them not to do it and I told them the protesters didn’t commit any [crime]. I was crying like a mad person. I was like a mother hen protecting the chicks. I was running towards where they were beating the protesters. It was happening in front of this clinic. It was like a war. I thought it would be better that I die instead of lots of people.

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