Never-Ending Gender Insanity

Jul 21, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

The sex wars continue apace, with spooky new cases emerging every day. Whether it is the radical trans agendas, the radical homosexual agendas, or the radical feminist agendas, they – like death and taxes – are always with us it seems. Two bizarre new cases have just emerged Down Under which in one sense require no comment – they speak for themselves.

But let me raise them and add a bit of discussion nonetheless. One thing that I find interesting about the three camps mentioned above is that we often find them warring against each other. That is fine by me. As we have members of the woke brigade and the PC loonies turning on one another, I am more than happy to sit back and watch. Both of my examples involve this infighting.

The first is the old and best-forgotten former Liberal leader John Hewson. He is much like Turnbull: someone who would best serve Australia by simply being put out to pasture. He has spent the past few decades proving how out-to-lunch he is as he has been commenting in the leftist media, regularly blasting other Liberals and chewing out conservatives who dare to differ with him.

Talk about a political lost cause. The really amusing thing about his case is that he has spent years telling us that the Liberals are a bunch of sexist pigs, and they need to have quotas to get more women into the Party and into parliament. This is the typical and misguided call of woke leftists, but should not be the call of someone claiming to be a member of the Liberal Party.

But payback can be quite ironic as Hewson has now been hoisted on his own petard. The Nine newspapers that he has been writing for have told him he is no longer wanted as a commentator, since they want a 50-50 mix of men and women. The ability to get a gig as a good commentator is now not achieved by merit or by ability, but simply by your sex.

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