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Post-election 2019: the state of the nation, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Boris, a very liberal Conservative by Laura Perrins, TCW

The UK’s parliament is still the gayest in the world after 2019 election by Andrew Reynolds, Pink News

Reflecting on the 2019 General Election results – Jonathan Tame, Jubilee Centre (video)

Jonathan Tame outlines three positive outcomes from Thursday’s election, and three important ways that Christians can respond.

The Election from an Australian Perspective by David Robertson, theweeflea

Britain’s Labour Party Got Woke—And Now It’s Broke by Toby Young, Quillette

Archbishop of Canterbury voices concern for country’s direction in Christmas message, Sky News

Pray for your new MP! From Christian Concern

Please write to your MP to congratulate them and tell them you’re praying for them. This is an effective way to build a relationship with your MP to let them know the issues that are important to you.

A vote for hope? By David Robertson, Christian Today

“If only we put as much passion into telling people about this Christ, as we do in proclaiming our political heroes, the world would be turned upside down.”

Is this the end for Labour? By Paul Embery, Unherd

“…the woke liberals and Toytown revolutionaries who now dominate the party didn’t listen… they made a major miscalculation: they failed to grasp that working-class voters desire something more than just economic security; they want cultural security too. They want politicians to respect their way of life, and their sense of place and belonging; to elevate real-world concepts such as work, family and community over nebulous constructs like ‘diversity’, ‘equality’ and ‘inclusivity’.” 

Boris, the new Blair, by Peter Hitchens, First Things

“…while Jeremy Corbyn was busying himself with Hamas and Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, the young Mr. Johnson was plainly seeing the virtues of the sexual revolution…the new Blair, a friendly, smiling figurehead, accessible and charming, who appears unthreatening while concealing a vast agenda of change. 

God will still be God, whenever and however we choose to leave the European Union, by Rob James, Christian Today

The British working-class saves Britain – and its Jews by Melanie Phillips


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