New poll finds Brits oppose religious influence in education

Jun 12, 2018 by

By Tola Mbakwe, Premier:

A new poll suggests British people don’t want religious influence in school admissions, assemblies and RE classes.

The survey, which was commissioned by the National Secular Society (NSS), found that fewer than one in six British adults agree with religious selection in state schools generally. Fewer than one in three support it when they are specifically asked about faith schools.

Half of respondents said school assemblies should be about moral issues, whereas just over a quarter agree that they should feature religious worship.

NSS said that the findings suggest education policy across Britain is out of step with the views of the public.

However Rev Ronnie Lamont, a faith and nurture advisor for the Church of England in the Diocese of Canterbury, who also works in schools, disagreed.

She told Premier’s News Hour that if the adults who took part in the survey attended an assembly today, they would have a different view.

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