New Religions of Wokeness, Nationalism Filling Faith Vacuum?

Oct 16, 2021 by

by James Diddams, Juicy Ecumenism:

Western Europe and America have abandoned Christianity for “woke” religious fervor according to a leading theologian.

“The social justice crusade is a kind of Christian heresy… because on the one hand the social justice warrior has certainly got the moral ire of the Old Testament prophet… But what they lack is a Christian sense of compassion for weak, feeble humanity, [that] we’re all crooked and this sense that the line between good and evil runs right down the middle of every one of us,” described University of Oxford professor Dr. Nigel Biggar, who’s a Christian ethicist and Church of England cleric.

Biggar and James Orr, a Cambridge theology professor, joined Jordan Peterson, renowned Canadian psychologist, on a recent podcast to discuss the intersection of God, Psychology and Politics.

In the time since Brexit and U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2016 election there has been much hand-wringing in the West over the transnational liberal-democratic project disintegrating before our eyes. The problem, according to the panelists and other academics, is that the dominant culture embraces rootless cosmopolitanism detached from particular places or cultures in favor of globalized homogeneity. While national identity may have seemed unimportant a few years ago, as churches empty those who previously might have found meaning through God are now finding it in nationalism.

But what does “identity” even mean? “I think the fact that we’re all talking about identity now in a way that we simply weren’t before is not a sign that we all know what it means. but actually a sign that there’s a kind of dislocation,” argued Orr. “Particularly now,” said the Cambridge professor, “that we’ve slipped a lot of our moorings that used to anchor us in a stable normative universe; we [were] told certain stories about where we’d come from, where we’re going. Broadly speaking they were not believed by everybody, but broadly speaking [these stories] gave us the kinds of parameters, the kinds of guardrails, the kind of coordination mechanisms, even the kinds of stigmas that helped us to pursue the common good together for all of our different disagreements.”

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