New UN LGBT Expert Doubles Down Against Religious Freedom, Describes “Entry Points” for Homosexual and Transgender Rights

Feb 3, 2017 by

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D., C-Fam:

The new UN expert on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues outlined a strategy for his three-year term before dozens of supportive UN bureaucrats, delegates, and activists in a meeting last week.

Vitit Muntarbhorn, the newly appointed UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity, spoke of the Sustainable Development Goals and the work of UN agencies to further the goals as a “good entry point for us.”

The Thai law professor and homosexual activist also described health, education, and religion as “soft entry points” and cautioned that “sexual orientation and gender identity” are not closed categories, promising to ensure no group is overlooked.

Only supportive states attended the consultation. Others who opposed the creation of the post did not want to legitimize his work by attending the event.

Supportive UN agencies huddled in a tightly packed UN meeting room to describe their ongoing efforts to promote LGBT rights. Even though the UN post barely survived General Assembly scrutiny in December, the feeling of triumph was palpable. Even UN Habitat, which has held out against the LGBT agenda thus far, asked guidance on how to integrate LGBT rights in urban development.

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