New York serial killer dismembers woman and woke media fears to misgender him

Mar 18, 2022 by

by Kurt Mahlburg, MercatorNet:

Harvey Marcelin is a depraved serial killer who has murdered at least three women, spent over 50 years in prison, and whose recent grisly deeds have just hit the news. But if you were to read about Marcelin in the New York Times or the BBC, you would have thought he was an elderly lady.

That’s right, two of the biggest news brands in the world are so committed to the cult of wokeness that they’re afraid of misgendering a psychopath who literally dismembers his victims.

The Times appears to almost revel in Marcelin’s recently-adopted pronouns, including them twice in its headline: “She Killed Two Women. At 83, She Is Charged With Dismembering a Third”. While both outlets eventually provide readers with enough clues that Marcelin is actually male, their two articles rack up an impressive 20 she/her pronouns collectively along the way.

As Brendan O’Neill of Spiked remarks, two of the Western world’s most established media institutions “are implicitly downplaying the gravity of this terrible incident by depicting it as essentially a scrap between two old ladies.”

We have reached a point, mourns O’Neill, when “the emotional needs of a murderous male take precedence over the experiences of a brutalised woman”. He continues:

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