New Zealand mosque massacre: How should we respond?

Mar 17, 2019 by

by Michael Brown, Christian Post:

There is only way to describe the cold-blooded massacre of 50 Muslims in New Zealand. It is evil. Fiendishly evil. No condemnation of this heinous, cowardly act can be too strong.

These were Muslim worshipers who were mowed down while performing their Friday prayers in their mosques.

They were not military combatants.

They were not terrorists.

But they were Muslims.

They were foreigners.

Therefore, reasoned their killer, they must be eliminated.

And from what we understand, the shooter was a right-wing extremist, a white supremacist.

But this is where we must not overreact.

This was not the crime of all white people.

This was not the crime of conservatives in general.

This was not the crime of Donald Trump or his supporters.

This was the crime of a sick, demented, evil individual, a man who apparently felt solidarity with others of like mind.

But he is not part of a worldwide, organized, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant conspiracy.

Put another way, if a conservative America thinks we need better border security, that does not make him a partner in this heinous act.

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