News From Salem

May 24, 2023 by

By Melanie Phillips

Two stories from Britain over the last day or so provide more graphic evidence than ever of the terrifying drift into ideological witch-hunting by the nation that once gave political liberty and liberal tolerance to the world.

A Christian mathematics teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe, has been banned indefinitely from the teaching profession for calling girls girls, and for refusing to use the preferred pronoun of a transgender pupil who identified as a boy but to whom he referred as “she” and “her”.

He says:

I believe affirming children in gender confusion in the classroom is psychologically damaging for them. I refuse to go against my conscience and cause a child harm and refuse to apologise for that.

For refusing to go along with the hijack of language and the sacrifice of reason and the interests of children on the altar of ideology, Sutcliffe has had his reputation trashed and has been banned from teaching in any school, sixth form college or children’s home in England. He can apply for the ban to be lifted in 2025.

He also commented:

I have been bullied and pursued and have had every part of my life scrutinised for expressing my Christian faith and biological truth.

Once again, we see someone persecuted because his Christian beliefs causes him to dissent from secular liberal dogma.

But this witch-hunt goes far beyond Christians. It’s now targeting people at the very heart of the liberal consensus which is shattering under the impact, along with the reputation and well-being of those being victimised for having a different view — including standing up for the rights of women and the protection of children from harm.

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