NHS Consultant banned from saving babies

May 30, 2021 by

by Stephen Adams and Jo MacFarlane, Mailonline:

An NHS doctor has been banned from trying to save the babies of women who regret starting controversial ‘pills-by-post’ abortions introduced because of the pandemic.

Since GP surgeries and clinics closed in lockdown, women have been able to carry out terminations at home by swallowing two powerful pills over 48 hours.

But hospital consultant Dermot Kearney has treated dozens of women who changed their minds after taking the first pill by prescribing a sex hormone which he claims reverses its effects.

Dr Kearney, who is president of the Catholic Medical Association, says the anguished women turned to him in desperation after the NHS provided no solution to their predicament, and he believes his interventions may have saved dozens of babies.

He says that if taken within about 24 hours of the first pill, the hormone progesterone doubles the chance of the foetus surviving from 25 per cent if nothing is done, to 50 per cent.

But earlier this month, a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) panel ordered him to stop offering the treatment, which is not approved by health officials. The decision came after a complaint by abortion provider MSI Reproductive Choices, formerly known as Marie Stopes International.

It is understood MSI claimed he inappropriately prescribed progesterone to a patient for a use not backed by evidence, failed to present a balanced picture of its benefits and risks, and imposed his anti-abortion beliefs on her.

Dr Kearney now faces a full ‘fitness to practise’ hearing, likely to be held later this year, where he could be struck off. The Mail on Sunday has been told that he will vigorously contest the allegations and is being supported by The Christian Legal Centre.

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