NI man: I trod the same path as Phillip Schofield but did not come out as gay

Feb 26, 2020 by

by Philip Bradfield, Belfast News Letter:

Earlier this month Mr Schofield, who has two daughters with wife Stephanie Lowe, received an outpouring of public support after he came out as gay on ‘This Morning’.

Now Mike Davidson from Hillsborough, a campaigner for people who faced the same dilemma as he did, has opened up about what he sees as the similarities – and stark differences – in their stories.

“I am thankful for the professionals who worked with me who respected my goal of resolving conflicting feelings that has allowed be to remain married for 41 years,” he said.

“Whereas once I longed for an emotional, sexual and romantic connection with a person of the same sex, I no longer have such longings.

“My change has meant I have been able to fulfil my desire to remain with my wife and family and to enjoy a full and complete relationship with my wife and our children.”

He believes he experienced homosexual feelings, in part, because of a poor relationship with his father as a child. He also thinks the professionals who helped him would be removed from their professions if they did so today.

“There is an appalling determination to promote LGBT ideology at the expense of people’s lives. If Philip Schofield is allowed to celebrate his choice, people who leave unwanted same-sex attractions should also be celebrated.”

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