No, Britain’s education system is not racist

Apr 5, 2022 by

by Rakib Ehsan, spiked:

Ethnic-minority pupils are happier, more confident and more successful than their white peers.

In yet another blow to those who think Britain is awash with white privilege and racism, a new UK government report has found that pupils from ethnic-minority backgrounds are happier, more academically confident and less likely to feel bullied than their white peers.

A survey of almost 9,000 families, commissioned by the Department for Education, has found that ethnic-minority pupils are far more positive than their white peers about school, show greater academic confidence and have better experiences in the classroom. Likewise, ethnic-minority parents have a far more positive perception of their children’s wellbeing than white parents, and are more likely to say that they would encourage their children to consider taking A-levels.

The findings are certainly at odds with the miserable narrative peddled by Britain’s grievance-industrial complex. As identitarians would have it, Britain’s education system is rigged against racial and ethnic minorities. Like last year’s Sewell report, this report exposes such claims of institutional racism as bunk.

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