No, Human Beings Aren’t Happier When We Ditch Monogamy For Polyamory

Nov 15, 2019 by

by Elizabeth Pardi, The Federalist:

In an attempt to shed light on just how normal polyamory can be, CBS recently released a mini documentary titled “Speaking Frankly: Non-monogamy.” It features people involved in various types of non-monogamous relationships as well as experts in favor of this lifestyle, including an anthropologist and sexuality professor.

This effort to normalize non-monogamy is nothing new. Earlier this year, Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” interviewed evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller, who discussed the ever-expanding, ever-perplexing socially left theories of human relationships and sexuality.

Miller boldly declared that our medical and technological advancements have rendered monogamy unnecessary. The frequent claim is that, as a species, we’re not made for monogamy, and that’s why many couples find it so difficult to remain faithful and happy.

For people who attempt the monogamous lifestyle and then decide, as Miller puts it, “This is not working. I need something different, better, more open, whatever,” sexual experimentation with outside parties just might be the solution. Certainly, it might seem that way if monogamy has become monotonous. But the truth is that polyamory does more harm than good to our bodies, emotional stability, and society at large.

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