No Outsiders : Queering the Primary Classroom

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from Transgender Trend:

[…] For those concerned about the teaching of gender ideology in schools and particularly in primary schools these comments from mothers raise alarm bells. It’s clear that something beyond the reaction of a conservative parent body is being expressed. The actual content of the teaching programme needs closer scrutiny. Most commentators have accepted at face value what Andrew Moffat says about the No Outsiders programme: that it is both about teaching children that gays and lesbians exist – and that it is about equality and the 2010 Act. [6] In reality it is more complicated.

So what is the No Outsiders teaching resource? The 87-page booklet by Andrew Moffat No Outsiders in Our Schools: Teaching the Equality Act in Primary Schools can be bought online for around £25.00.[7] It is spaciously laid out, in black and white, and so the actual text explaining the ethos behind the project is sparse. There is some background into why the author thinks the subject needs to be taught, some background on Mr Moffat himself and a discussion about the difficulties teachers face coming out as gay or lesbian. The rest of the book, around half, contains the lesson plans and the books required for each one. There are five for each year from reception to year 6. These books are bought separately.

In the introduction Moffat refers to his 2007 book, Challenging Homophobia in Primary School: An Early Years Resource. In this earlier work his aim, he says, was to teach five year olds that gays and lesbians exist. This he now believes is unnecessary because children – due to greater openness and the visibility of gay characters on television – know this. What we now need to teach children he believes is that ‘homophobia once existed, but we don’t have it in our school today, and that to be a person who is gay or lesbian or transgender or bi-sexual is normal, acceptable and ok. Children also need to be learning that they may identify or may not identify as LGBT as they grow up, and that whoever they grow into as an adult is also perfectly normal and acceptable.’

This is quite a lot for small children to take on board.

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