No, Ruth Davidson: the burqa is a world away from a crucifix

Aug 10, 2018 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson is of the view that a Muslim wearing a burqa is no different from a Christian who wears a crucifix. She said: “If you use the analogy of Christianity, would you ever write in the Telegraph that you should have a debate about banning Christians from wearing crucifixes? It’s the same argument but it’s in a different faith so why are the parameters different for one faith and not the other?” She added: “I think it’s also not been shown through history that when men make sweeping statements about what women should or shouldn’t wear that it goes well for them.”

It has also been shown throughout history that when politicians make sweeping statements about religion that it doesn’t go well for them, either.

A burqa is worn by Muslim women, not men, because throughout the patriarchal Islamic world women are invariably viewed and treated as inferior to men. A crucifix is worn by both Christian women and men, because in Christ there is neither male nor female. The burqa is a symbol of oppression and misogyny; the crucifix a symbol of liberty and equality. The burqa dehumanises, covers the face and conceals identity; the crucifix personalises, looks at God face-to-face and reveals true identity. The burqa has no quranic legitimacy; the crucifix is the nexus of biblical authority. The burqa symbolises Islamic extremism, militancy and divine separation from society; the crucifix symbolises passion, devotion and God’s participation in humanity. The burqa divides Muslims because it segregates and aggravates; the crucifix unites Christians because it saves and sanctifies.

The burqa draws a veil around wives and daughters, for their beauty may only be seen by husbands and fathers, or sons and brothers. The crucifix tears the veil in two, for all may enter into God’s presence to know and be fully known. The burqa is darkness, secrecy and mystery; the crucifix is light, sensibility and revelation.

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