Nottingham University’s illiberal censorship of Christianity

Sep 6, 2021 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Christian Today:

Not everyone is aware that it was the Catholic Church that invented and gave birth to the university. The values that Christendom infused the university quest for knowledge with led to an explosion of scientific discovery that became the scientific revolution. However, slowly but surely, the strain on the mooring rope that tethered to the university project a search for universal philosophical and empirical truth has been stretched further and further towards breaking point.

At the University of Nottingham the breach may finally have occurred, albeit in what will appear to many to be a matter of small significance. To overlook the significance of this issue because it appears small at first sight, would be a mistake.

Any step that a university takes to restrict or denounce the Catholic faith has a particular historic resonance to it. It also marks a moment of Oedipal intensity that forewarns of tragedy in the offing.

The University of Nottingham has taken steps to delegitimize the chaplain that the Catholic Church appointed for the care of its students, staff and faculty.

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Watch:  Patrick Christys talks to Fr David Palmer, GB News

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