Nurse challenges cross necklace ban

Oct 5, 2021 by

from Christian Concern:

A Christian nurse is challenging her former hospital after being forced out of her job because she wouldn’t remove her small cross necklace.

Mary Onuoha was told her small gold cross, clasped to her neck, which she had worn for 40 years as a symbol of her deep Christian faith, was a health and safety risk and “must not be visible.” But no good reason has been shown why Mary’s cross is a risk and people of other faiths and none were allowed to wear jewellery, saris, turbans and hijabs without incident.

This and other evidence points to management being about the visibility of the cross, not genuine health and safety concerns.

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The offense of the crossby Roger Kiska, The Critic: Long lost is David Cameron’s promise to change the law to ensure the cross can be worn at work. Too quickly forgotten is the European Court of Human Rights ruling condemning the United Kingdom for censoring the cross.



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