Ofsted’s Totalitarian Moral Vision – Faith Schools Which Resist Could be Closed

Jul 15, 2017 by

PETITION from CitizenGo:

IN BRIEF: The school inspectors, Ofsted, are now penalising schools for failing to talk to primary school children about sexual orientation and gender “reassignment”. Ofsted are essentially attempting to force religious schools to teach an ideology which is contrary to the tenets of many traditional religions. They are undermining the freedom of parents to educate their children in accordance with their own traditions, and undermining the freedom of religion.

Ofsted have reported that Vishnitz Girls’ School in north London “does not meet all of the independent school standards that were checked during [its] inspection …”

In what way did they fail to meet these standards?

“Pupils are not taught explicitly about issues such as sexual orientation… As a result, pupils are not able to gain a full understanding of fundamental British values.”

The report also notes that the school did not teach about gender “re-assignment”, and that, in doing so, the school is falling short of the Equality Act 2010.

The report makes clear that this is the principle way in which the school is failing.

By the report’s own admission, pupils are “well motivated, have positive attitudes to learning and are confident in thinking for themselves”. The teachers have “good subject knowledge and high-quality classroom resources inspire pupils with enthusiasm for learning and to achieve well.” Pupils ‘behave well and … take responsibility for their own actions’.

The staff are well trained and the school is fully compliant on all matters of safeguarding, health and safety, pupil welfare and buildings.

In which case,  Ofsted are now setting a precedent: schools must explicitly teach about gender reassignment and sexual orientation (and these topics must be taught in accordance with Ofsted’s views on these matters), and to fail to do this is to be judged to not be meeting required standards.

This is only reasonable interpretation of this report.

As such, this report represents a serious threat to the freedom of religion and the freedom of parents to raise their children within their own traditions.

Ofsted need to be reminded once again that it is parents, and not the state, who are the primary educators of their own children.

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