On the Change of Government

Jan 22, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Plenty can be said about what has just happened in America with the change at the White House. Everyone has their own spin and slant on this, and I am no different. I write as a Bible-believing Christian and a political conservative. If those things are not to your liking, please look away now.

And as always when I write about big-ticket items like this, I must not only discuss the political, social, ideological and cultural matters, but I must offer a spiritual assessment as well. These issues are far more than just political in nature, and if we omit the spiritual take on them, we will have a very limited and jaundiced perspective.

Here then are a number of random thoughts on the changing of the guard in the US:

-I, like many millions of other Americans, am convinced that genuine questions about widespread election fraud from last November remain, and we have not fully gotten to the bottom of it. And given the overwhelming political bias of those who control the flow of information – the mainstream media and the tech giants – we may never really find out the truth about this.

-Given all the serious questions that remain about the last election, it is possible that America is now no longer able to carry out genuinely free and fair elections. If so, this really is the end of democracy in America. An unholy alliance of leftists in politics, the media, Big Business and the Deep State are helping to bring freedom and democracy in America to an end.

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