On the Killing of Sir David

Oct 19, 2021 by

by Samuel Martin, The Mallard:

[…]  As with similar tragedies, the conversation surrounding the event is entirely composed of people fighting over which conversation “we should be having” instead.

For instance, people of certain political dispositions were more aggravated by the press reporting that the assassin was of Somali heritage, rather than the actual murder itself; choosing to talk about “muh racist Daily Mail” or “misogynistic” tweets than anything of importance or substance. As disorienting as tragedies are, they can be a good source of sobriety, putting on full display the true nature of peoples’ character and allegiance.

Whilst this should be a wakeup call for Britain to radically reform its immigration, citizenship, and security policies, mere policy reform will be a job half-done and therefore a lesson only half-learned.

To summarise what has happened: a homegrown Islamist and son of a former Somalian government advisor, assassinated a sitting MP in broad daylight.

Had the killer been from abroad, it would simply be a case of reducing or shutting off immigration from designated “high-risk” countries. However, given the prevailing ideology of the political and media establishment, such a solution would undoubtedly be resisted at every turn.

However, it seems the assassin adopted his extremist views whilst in Britain, which can only mean that Britain is producing, at the very least permitting, people to exist within its own borders that actively want to destroy it. In short: our policy problems stem from a deeper, ideological, existential problem. Britain is indifferent to its own survival.

Some may argue that this problem has been diagnosed before, and they would be right. If so, why diagnose the problem again? What good is there repeating what people know?

Whilst Chesterton correctly notes that ‘obvious’ things cease to be so over time, courtesy of people not wanting to remind themselves of what is ‘obvious’, that is not the point being made here. The point is that the remedies prescribed in recent years to this problem have been ineffective.

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