Kenya: no safe harbour from encroaching Islamisation or Western secularism

Apr 28, 2018 by

from AAC:

I am writing on the way home from a retreat with the Anglican Church of Kenya’s House of Bishops in Mombasa, Kenya.  I was privileged to serve on a team organized by the Rev. Getachew Bezabih of Eleventh Hour Ministries in Kenya for the Bishops’ retreat. Nigerian Archbishop Ben Kwashi and his son the Rev. Canon Rinji Kwashi spoke during the retreat about the life and vocation of the Bishop and his family—with a focus on conversion, calling and consistency. Canon Bill Deiss of Anglican Relief and Development (ARDF) presented on “Powerful partnership” for mission and economic development, and I spoke on “the kind of Christian God wants to send into the world” (discipleship), “The kind of Church that produces disciples” (Acts 2:42-47), “The Crisis of False teaching in the Anglican Communion and how to resolve conflicts Biblically.”


It isn’t every day that you get to spend quality time with Christians from across the globe in their local setting. Here are a few of my preliminary reflections on my time with these godly leaders.


  • There are no safe harbors from the encroaching aggressive secularism of the West: One can see the influence of Western cultural values almost everywhere. We are used to thinking of Africa as a place where Christianity is growing and flourishing even as Christianity in the west diminishes. This is still true in Africa, and in Kenya the Anglican Church still has a powerful voice and influence on the national life. But I heard concerns from many leaders about seeing some of the same things we have faced here in North America—declining and aging congregations, failure to reach a younger generation and undermining of the clarity and authority of the Bible in the Church. And this does not include the active persecution of Christians in places where theIslamization of the country is advancing.

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