One of the worst countries in world for persecution

Jun 3, 2021 by

from Barnabas Fund:

[Editor’s note: this report has particular resonance for myself and my wife as we have recently become involved in the support of Eritrean refugees attending our church.]

Eritrea remains one of the worst countries in the world for Christian persecution, where conditions are so harsh for believers that it is described by some as Africa’s North Korea. Only three denominations are legally permitted – Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Lutheran – as well as Sunni Islam. All others are illegal and members of unofficial churches are subject to arbitrary arrest and detention without trial. As a result of this persecution tens of thousands of Christians have fled Eritrea.

The leaders of unofficial churches are often a target for persecution. Sadly no pastors or other senior Christian leaders were among those released from prison in recent months.

Yet even those churches granted official status are not guaranteed freedom from intimidation – for the government is quick to undermine their status if it is thought to threaten the power of the state. During 2019, authorities shut down 21 health centres run by a registered church denomination and ordered the closure of seven Christian schools.

“Christians are considered illegals,” explained Dr Berhane, “but … There is no crime being done apart from believing in God.” 

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