Online content and The ministries we consider vital

Aug 5, 2020 by

by Stephen Kneale:

I have been struck by just how many of us, and how quickly at that, we have poured our time and energy into online content. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with doing stuff online. Clearly I don’t think that – our church has been doing it too! Lots of other churches have been live streaming to serve folks who, otherwise, would receive no specific spiritual input from their churches for months on end. Beyond the streaming, we have created various bit of online content – testimonies and answers to big questions – that we have used as a mean of engaging people locally. And, to be frank, it has been quite successful as far as these things go.

But I do have a question. It is this: how much of our online content has really been considered and thought through – its intent, scope and benefit – and how much of it has really been a question of wanting to look (or feel) busy, active and evidence how vital our ministry happens to be?

I am, for example, very grateful for conferences and conventions and whatnot. I think they can be great and a wonderful thing to tap into. I’ve been to a few over the years and my family enjoy them now. I was even due to be at one with my family this year until the pandemic struck and it was no longer viable. So, don’t hear anything that follows as me having a go at these things in general. I think they are fine things to tap into, enjoy and benefit from. But I have been struck by just how many folks have insisted on the need to save these ‘vital ministries’. Much as I am grateful for them, I can’t help thinking they are not all that vital. Nice, for sure. Helpful, maybe. But vital? Get away!

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