Online Conversation | Hope and Healing for a Hurting Culture, with Jonathan Haidt and Peter Wehner

Feb 26, 2021 by

from Trinity Forum:

On February 19th we were delighted to welcome social psychologist and bestselling author, Jonathan Haidt, along with widely published speechwriter and author, Peter Wehner. Wehner is a New York Times columnist, a contributing editor for The Atlantic, and Trinity Forum Senior Fellow with a deep interest in healing our divided nation. Haidt has done extensive research examining the intuitive foundations of morality, and how morality varies across cultures. His books address these topics as well as provide insights into how to cultivate meaningful, moral conversations across cultural divides.

We hope you enjoy this conversation on the impact of hyper-politicization and polarization, the temptations of illiberalism, the natural tendency towards bias and blind spots in our thinking, and the role of faith in bringing healing and hope to a hurting culture. Especially in our ongoing season of isolation and social restrictions we hope this will inspire you to reach out and connect with those around you and think about how you can grow culture-shaping friendships and communities.

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