Only God can save Western civilisation

Oct 25, 2019 by

by Will Jones,Faith and Politics:

The crisis of Western society, set out so clearly and terrifyingly by Douglas Murray in his recent books, is at root a metaphysical crisis stemming from the abandonment of God and, with it, all grounding in objective moral values.

In the absence of God, a new materialistic morality has grown up based on affirming people’s subjective preferences and treating them all as of equal value. To counter this corrosive creed of self-defeating relativism, we urgently need to recover a sense of the objective moral order and why rational people ought to embrace it.

It begins with freedom. Freedom of the will, after all, is why we have moral reasoning in the first place. If we weren’t free to reason and choose, there would be no moral debate to be had about what we should do, and no need for a moral law to guide us and distinguish right from wrong.

What is this moral law? It starts from the basic principle that human beings are the free and rational creatures who bear the image of God. This means that humankind, uniquely, has the ability to comprehend the universe, divine its underlying principles, and choose for ourselves the path we will tread. For this reason, the human being is sacred, from conception to natural death.

Also sacred is the personal freedom that is necessary for any properly moral action. This freedom requires liberty of thought, speech and personal property to be given practical effect.

New human beings are produced through the union of male and female. The reproductive unit of male and female is therefore to be respected and protected, and the bond between them and their children, who bear their image, held as sacred.

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