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Jul 21, 2019 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

“O that God would gie us, the gift to see ourselves as others see us”  (Burns).

“And those things when we hear, let us also make open show of our defects, but of our excellencies let us say nothing.  Or if the opportunity force it upon us, let us speak of them with reserve and impute the whole to God’s grace.”  (Chrysostom)

The above words came to mind when I saw the following was published in the Scottish Daily Mail yesterday.  It is as a result of a wide ranging interview, covering everything from Dundee FC to the Catholic Church and the Scottish Government,  I did with Kevin McKenna before we left for Sydney.  These are his impressions, analysis and thoughts.  I make no comment other than that the quotes from me are accurate.


Here is the text of the article – for those of you who don’t get the Mail!

Read here


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