Out of the darkness: Is the secularist faith in decline?

Aug 4, 2019 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

We hear a great deal about the decline of the Church and the decline of the Christian faith in today’s West. But I wonder if we are also seeing something else – the decline of the secularist faith. Now I realise that immediately those who belong to that faith will cry out ‘it’s not a faith, it’s based on science and reason and facts’, but hear me out.

It all depends on what we mean by secular. If it means that society should not be governed by the Church then even most Christians would say ‘amen’. The thought of the local elders/church board/bishops’ council running the city or country is quite scary! But if secular means ‘without God’, that is where we part company. For Christians (and Muslims and others) it is impossible to do anything without God, therefore the attempt to exclude God from the public square is a self-defeating project.

However for many of the more militant atheist secularists, the term carries a whole lot more meaning. They see religion in general, and Christianity in particular, as an evil virus that needs to be expunged from society. We are ‘free’ to be religious – as long as that never intrudes into the public square. They are happy for us to exist as the equivalent of a knitting club or a Trekkie society, but Dawkins forbid that we should ever let our faith intrude into public life.

They want us out of education, healthcare, politics and ‘secular’ media. It’s why the humanists are currently campaigning to stop Christian worship in schools. They are the mirror atheist version of the unfair definition of Puritans as people who are supposedly miserable at the thought of someone, somewhere enjoying themselves. Despite the fact that their children don’t have to attend, they can’t bear the thought that any child anywhere would worship. Their version of secularism is that only their version of life is to be permitted.

It is SO right that anyone who disagrees with it is either an idiot or evil. They are the ‘Progressives’. Everyone else is regressive. This secular humanism is a faith – one that is based upon the unscientific notion that humans are basically good and that the only thing holding us back from a secular Nirvana is religion. It is a deep and profound faith, founded upon their experiences and emotions. Their motto is ‘ there is no God, and I hate him’.

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