Pandemic Sounds Death Knell for Gay Pride

Mar 27, 2020 by

by Jules Gomes, Church Militant:

The Wuhan virus is wiping out gay pride parades on a global scale with over 170 LGBT+ events and pride festivals now canceled or indefinitely postponed.

“It’s very clear that this pandemic is going to have a huge impact on our movement,” says Kristine Garina, president of the European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA).

“It is ironic that over the last few decades, various politicians, presidents, prime ministers, mayors, archbishops and other bigots have done their best to thwart and cancel pride parades, but it was Mother Nature who succeeded,” Garina laments.

Pride organizers, who have set up a COVID-19 International Coordination Group, are devastated that the Chinese virus is “bringing unprecedented challenges for the pride movement.”

“We shouldn’t be surprised pride organizers are frustrated at canceling these events,” Catholic theologian Gavin Ashenden told Church Militant.

“The pride movement is many things, but it is at its heart an exercise in power that seeks to impose on society a false and perverse anthropology,” the former chaplain to the Queen observed. “As we draw the theological dots we recognize that this frustration derives from a spiritual rebellion that is enraged by any constraint on its autonomy.”

Dr. Ashenden explained: “The irony of the term ‘pride’ is not lost on us because it has always been a celebration of a spiritual vice which is pride — a vice that brooks no opposition. It is ironic, therefore, that only an outbreak of the plague can contain this mass-expression of human hubris and expose it for what it is.”

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