Parents in LGBT protest aren’t the real extremists – teachers are

Sep 18, 2019 by

by Belinda Brown, The Conservative Woman:

CONDEMNED as shameful and as threatening the fabric of our society, protests have resumed outside Birmingham schools against their LGBT teaching and promotion of gay and transgender lifestyles.

Gay rights activists claiming the moral high ground have protested in turn their belief ‘in love and harmony and everyone getting along and being equal’. Love conquers hate, they chant, with the implication that anyone opposing their agenda is intolerant and driven by hate. Sara Khan, the Government’s Commissioner for Countering Extremism, previously likened the Birmingham protesters to a mob while they are portrayed elsewhere in the media as uniquely Muslim and illiberal.

Yet Muslims are far from the only parents or commentators to be concerned about the ‘No Outsiders’ programme that remains integral to these schools’ teaching ethos. Christians, Jews and those of no faith have also expressed their deep discomfort and concern. 

The truth is that on this issue the real extremists are not the parents but the teachers and lobbyists who want to change our society. This they’ve revealed in their publications on the topic:

‘In a nutshell, we are asking teachers to change, and not simply mirror our society’, two of these revolutionaries have declared. They believe ‘the next phase is for teachers to take their work out into the community, spread the good practice’, by demonstrating the positive impact of institutional change and by turning it into ‘societal change’.

Andrew Moffat, the assistant head teacher at one of the schools involved, has argued, speciously, that the beauty of living in the UK is ‘that people can hold different views yet still show each other respect and live alongside each other’ yet still outlines a programme whereby children are used to convert their parents into accepting his LGBT-centric views.

It was after Mr Moffat’s resignation from a previous job – resulting from parents’ complaints about his LGBT agenda –  that he ‘learned from that situation’ and rewrote his LGBT advocacy as ‘No Outsiders’ deliberately to include all ‘equalities’, not just LGBT.

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