Parents still value Harvest Festival for their children – poll

Sep 8, 2019 by

from the Church of England website:

Parents have warm memories of taking part in Harvest Festivals and want their children to do the same – new polling shows.

Two thirds of people (67%) say there is still value in children taking part in Christian Harvest Festivals, according to a ComRes survey of over 4,000 adults.

But only half (49%) of parents say their children participate, possibly because of limited opportunity.

The poll found that three quarters (73%) remember celebrating harvest festival as a child, with most remembering bringing in food to give to people in need (61%) as well as attending Harvest services, singing hymns or saying prayers (64%).

Two thirds of participants (65%) say their memories of Harvest Festival were positive, with the main perceived benefits listed as generosity to people in need (62%), giving thanks for the good things in our lives (51%) and teaching children where food comes from (48%).

Over a third (37%) also say that that learning about sustainability and the impact of growing food on climate change and the environment is important.

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