Parents who don’t agree with LGBT lessons are quickly running out of options

Nov 27, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Christian Today:

In one of the more predictable decisions of recent years, though no less troubling for that, the High Court has permanently banned demonstrations against pro-LGBT classes outside Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham, paving the way for the banning of all such protests outside schools.

The judge, Mr Justice Warby, said the protests had an adverse effect on pupils, residents and staff – for evidence of this, pointing to 21 teachers being treated for stress.

So let us be clear what just happened. A school, encouraged by its known LGBT educational activist deputy head Andrew Moffat, decides to teach in a largely Muslim community a relationships and equalities education programme with content contrary to Islamic (and biblical) faith.

Unsurprisingly, and understandably, parents protest, and the state in the form of the city council and judiciary responds by banning their protests because they make some of those delivering the objectionable lessons feel stressed.

But since when has the stress of the people being protested against counted as a reason in law to curtail the fundamental right to freedom of speech, assembly and peaceful protest?

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